Coco Haseltine
Kelly McDannald
Daniela Serratore
Cam Silva
Kerrigan Upton

Interiors/Exteriors Class with Liz Nofziger

5KPH is built from our collective frustration with the continued gun violence in the United States. As of April 30, 2021 there have been 14,112 gun violence deaths in the United States in 2021 to date. This averages to 117 deaths per day, or 5 people killed per hour. 

Fifty-six wood and plaster representations of imagined guns form a giant automatic weapon in the left storefront window. Orange vinyl ammunition emerges from the barrel, crosses the vestibule, and connects to a speech bubble eruption in the second storefront window. This form consists of a mass of tally marks that offer a snapshot of the deaths due to gun violence as of Friday, April 30, 2021.

Five times per hour — or every 12 minutes — this window will be animated by light and a force of air creating movement linked to the statistics. Beyond the resonant action performed by the work itself, this window will evolve each day. In a performative gesture the artists will add the inevitable new tally marks over the run of the show as the number of deaths increase each day. 

The statistics referenced factor in all deaths by gun violence, and come from: https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/

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