more perfect places

2020 — 2022: A community engaged pageant that explores the utopian origins of the town of New Harmony, IN. A collaboration between Seth Bockley, Angela Tillges, Tanya Palmer, and Liz Nofziger.

This investigative theatre project is inspired by the 19th century utopian history of the Southern Indiana town of New Harmony, and its evolution into a site of contemporary art and architecture in the 20th century. Combining historical research with conversations with current day Hoosiers, More Perfect Places will explore the power of idealism, imagination, and rethinking the world we live in. Is another world possible? Can we make it in our communities? Whose vision(s) will guide us? How does history inform our dreams of the future?

Join us in Bloomington or New Harmony in June 2022 — learn more and get tickets here.

Special Thanks to: 

Indiana University’s Department of Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance; Historic New Harmony; The New Harmony Project; Working Men’s Institute; Robert Lee Blaffer Foundation; Lori Wolter Hudson; David Hudson; Linda Warrum; Daniel Mason; Claire Eagle; Shannon Fuhs and her students from Southridge High School; and Ashton Wagner and her students from Mount Vernon High School

The Don Blair Collection contains photographs of New Harmony, IN. from the 1850’s to the 1940’s.  Don Blair was an engineer and bridge superintendent of the New Harmony Way Bridge as well as a collector of photographs, many of which are glass plate negatives.  The collection features many photographs created by New Harmony residents Homer Fauntleroy and William Lichtenberger.