Twisting scale and perspective, this unexpected oasis pulls you into an other-worldly physical and virtual environment. Fed by IV drips, these lush plants and miniature salt-crystal gardens sustain themselves as nature in the midst of the city's commerce center.

Peepholes along the base of the windows afford views of custom crystal garden environments and their inhabitants growing in real time. In contrast time-lapse versions of similar environments loop at an entirely different pace on monitors nestled within the faux jungle.

$ome ©olor
August 1st – October 31st, 2005
Sophia Ainslie, Kathleen Bitetti, Magda Fernandez, Linda Price-Sneddon,Cristi Rinklin, Meg Rotzel & Jae Rhim Lee,
Liz Nofziger & Rachel Perry Welty

Curated by Camilo Alvarez

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Oasis, Liz Nofziger ©2005