That Which Changes, That Which Stays the Same (Villa Victoria), 2010.
11.5’ x 8 x 7 ft.
paper, tape, chair, draperies, pipe cleaners, 3 video loops.

Projection:Boston Neck: PigeonWalk. 6:30
Large monitor loop:Boston Neck: Where the Water Meets the Land. 3:35
Small monitor:Rosewater. 3:01


That Which Changes, That Which Stays the Same (Essex Art Center), 2010.
dimensions variable.

Projection: Wash 6:30
Monitor: bi Cycle 3:31

This project developed from mutual respect and the desire to bring our visions together through collaboration and exchange. The Exchange Project collaboration between Villa Victoria Gallery and the Essex Art Center provided us with an ideal venue for exchange. The works in the show evolved from several video-shooting expeditions around the physical site of each gallery. We keyed into the history of the land and its people, looking for traces of the past in the visual landmarks of today.

The significance of water became a primary focus that joined Lawrence and Villa Victoria, in the case of Lawrence, the Merrimac River and the Stone Dam, a mighty presence critical to the textile history of Lawrence. And, in the case of Villa Victoria, the absence of water from the time when Washington Street was effectively a land bridge to the marshes of the South End.We would like to thank the Boston Public Library’s Aaron Schmidt for access to the pictorial history of the South End and Villa Victoria landscape. This in combination with maps and pre-photo etchings of the landscape of each neighborhood grounded us and prompted contemplation of that which changes, and that which stays the same.