The New Art Center
September 20 - October 22, 2010
Curated by Ashley Billingsley

Artists include Ashley Billingsley, Andrea Evans, James Horgan, Liz Nofziger, Daniel Phillips, Daniela Rivera, and Gina Siepel.

Beyond Purview brings together seven artists who comment on the physical world as experienced through the individual artists’ perceptions, memories, desires, and/or interpretations. The exhibition’s premise begins with the notion that we speak of the physical world as the measure of what is real, granting information acquired through the senses a degree of authority that overlooks how thoroughly we transform the data as we perceive it. Through perception, this data we take in is transformed by how we think, what we feel, and the history we bring to the experience of the present. Beyond Purview is thus an investigation of these altered landscapes, or the difference between what is there and what we understand of it.

The artists of Beyond Purview confront the realities and notions of landscape through a wide variety of approaches and media. Their collective commentaries on how actual landscapes are altered by perception, memory, and longing create a dynamic and provocative exhibition that holds at its center the prominent role that perception has in our diverse interpretations of the physical world.




Liz Nofziger ©2010