Fredy Alzate, Liz Nofziger,
Hernan Marin, and Luis Hernandez Mellizo

Galería Cerro Nutibara
February - April, 2009
Curator: Adriana Rios Monsalve
Concurrent with the 50th annual meeting of the Interamerican Development Bank

In this group exhibition, Nofziger examines two specific examples of iconic architecture in Medellin as a reflection on culture, development, and prosperity. The stability of these qualities is questioned by simplifying the imposing forms and asking them to perform impossible and potentially embarrassing feats. The tallest building in Antioquia, Torre Coltejer, falls into the gallery, spills across the floor, and bends up the wall in Needle, while Float convinces one of the most gargantuan land-locked structures in Medellin (Edificio Bancolombia) to lighten up and take a cruise.



, cut vinyl
, video still, 1:09


Verde, Liz Nofziger ©2010